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Is there a fee to create tokens on Token Forge?

Creating a token on Token Forge is free. However, deploying your token on the blockchain incurs gas fees to cover the computational costs of the transaction. The amount varies based on network conditions and the complexity of your token.

Where can I find the token I've created?

Your token can be found on block explorer. PRC20 tokens should appear on your balance immediately. Upon the successful transaction

Which networks are supported?

Currently, only Prom Testnet is supported. However, the app is going to support the Prom Mainnet as soon as it is released.

What can I do with the tokens after they are created?

Tokens are completely yours and you have full power over them. You may transfer them, burn them if such functionality was chosen during the mint, trade them on exchanges and many more! Possibilities are unlimited (within ERC20/ERC721 standards)

What is PRC20?

PRC20 is a forge name for an ERC20 token deployed on a Prom Chain. It is fully compatible with ERC20 standard and ERC20 token is what you are going to receive upon successful deployment

Where will I be able to see images of my tokens?

NFT images may be seen directly on the and PRC20 token images can be retrieved from a blockchain. Unfortunately, there is no standard in Ethereum community of uploading image links for ERC20 tokens. If you feel like we should have one - please let us in Discord or a Telegram Chat

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